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Executive Search Case Study:
Operational Executive Director


Our Approach:

Tasked with this unique recruiting opportunity, Cause Capacity team members began screening applicants and proactively sourcing candidates to fill this niche role. Once top candidates were identified, the Cause Capacity team scheduled interviews to further evaluate the candidates’ fit for the role. To do this, we assessed the following things:

  • Experience in operational organization

  • Experience implementing and/or expanding programs

  • Experience scaling an organization through a period of intense growth and expansion

  • Management experience

  • Fundraising experience

  • Willingness to be a “hands-on” manager

  • General knowledge of all areas within an operation (finance, accounting, legal as well as policies, procedures, and processes).

  • Personal connection to the outdoors and the Outdoor Afro mission


The items above were assessed over the course of two rounds of interviews focusing on the candidates’ technical and cultural fit. We provided the interview panel members with interview questions and potential follow-up questions ahead of time. During the interviews the panel members made notes about each candidate’s response, and at the conclusion of the interviews the panel members provided each candidate with hiring ratings based on the interview. 


To ensure there was no decision bias, each panel member made a hiring recommendation in writing and provided an explanation for their decision. These recommendations were compiled by our Cause Capacity team, reviewed thoroughly, and then an overall recommendation and summary of panel comments was provided to the Outdoor Afro team for final decision-making.


The Result:

After much thoughtful discussion and input from our expert recruiting team, the Outdoor Afro team chose their ideal candidate. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, the candidate they chose has 20 years of progressive experience in corporate, nonprofit, retail, E-commerce, and consulting leadership roles. Partnered with her passion for cycling and personal connection to Outdoor Afro’s mission, the organization was confident that she was “the best person for the job.”

The Task:

As a longtime client of Cause Capacity, Outdoor Afro turned to us when they were in search of an operational Executive Director for their organization. As a new position for the organization that would be working with the Founding Chief Executive Officer still in place, Outdoor Afro was seeking a candidate who fit very specific criteria: passionate about the outdoors and Outdoor Afro’s mission that is grounded in Black excellence, education, and leadership, strong organizational management skills, and a demonstrated ability to direct strategic growth efforts and operational efficiency.

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