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Our collection of HR Analysis Packages includes:

HR Systems Assessment | Review of key documents, systems and applicable software/service providers associated with payroll, benefits, performance management, compliance, onboarding and offboarding processes. Executive summary with recommendations provided upon conclusion of assessment. $1,500


Organizational Structure & Staffing Analysis | Review key documents (e.g. job descriptions, organization chart, subcontractor agreements) to evaluate the current structure and staffing. Executive summary with key issues and recommendations provided upon conclusion of analysis. $2,500


Roles & Responsibilities Analysis | Review of key documents (benchmark of industry landscape and labor and internal assessments and interviews). Executive summary as well as custom organization chart and detailed job descriptions are provided at the conclusion of the analysis. Starting at $2,500


Benefits Optimization Analysis | Review of full benefits suite (e.g. medical, dental, vision, commuter, professional development, retirement, paid time off, other fringe benefits) and evaluation of vendors and/or systems which manage the benefits. Executive summary with recommendations to improve or streamline benefits administration provided at conclusion of analysis. Starting at $1,500


Employee Retention Analysis & Strategy | Initial discovery meeting and deep dive into company culture and pain points, prepare questions for stay interviews based on discovery findings, schedule and conduct stay interviews with selected employees, compile and analyze stay interview results. Executive summary with findings and recommended retention strategies provided upon conclusion of analysis. Starting at $1500.

HR Compliance & Risk Management Audit | Review of key compliance areas including federal and state labor laws, wage and hour law application, record keeping, timesheet documentation, internal policies and procedures, employee handbook, policy training, confidenitality agreements, worker classification, out of state employees, harassment and discrimination policy and training, safety, accident, illness, neutrality. Executive summary with recommendations for rectifying or refining items provided at conclusion of audit. Includes recommended employee handbook policy updates. Does not include review of financial, operational or office policies. Starting at $5,000

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