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We take a 3 Step Approach:
1) Strategy & Preparation

We get a thorough understanding of your ideal candidate and conduct market research to design the most competitive strategy and plan. 

2) Recruitment

From sourcing candidates and scheduling interviews to extending offers and negotiating, we take care of all the back and forth.

3) Onboarding & Follow Up

We’ll handle setting up orientation and new hire paperwork and have routine check ins to ensure the hire is acclimating well.

Our scope of work for Tier I and Tier II services below includes the following:
  • Position description development or revision 

  • Compensation analysis and recommendation

  • Post position to paid job sites

  • Accept and review all applications and/or resumes

  • Perform initial phone screens of qualified candidates (up to 10)

  • Develop standard interview questions to assess technical skills and cultural fit

  • Coordinate team interviews 

  • Offer management including salary and benefits negotiations

  • Facilitate background screening including federal, state and county criminal history, employment verification and reference checks (up to 3)

  • Manage onboarding process including facilitation of new hire paperwork 

  • Routine check ins with new hire 

Recruiting & Onboarding Solutions

Tier I : Admin/Support 

Starting at $5,000

Tier II : Management


Starting at $10,000

Tier III : Executive


Starting at $25,000

Our Tier III Executive Search Options are as follows:

Option 1
Recruiting Plan, Strategy and Templates Only

Option 2
Full  Service Executive Search

Our Role:

  • Conduct discovery and intake and provide written summary to the client

  • Position description development or revision

  • Compensation analysis and recommendation

  • A sourcing & selling strategy and plan to proactively find your own candidates

  • Talking points and messaging for DIY sourcing and reach outs

  • Basic interview guide (screening and interview templates)

  • Paid advertising and initial application screening

  • List of qualified applicants garnered from paid advertising

Your Role:

  • Executive sourcing and selling strategy provided by Cause Capacity

  • Coordinate and conduct candidate interviews

  • Manage offer process and negotiation

  • Manage reference checks, onboarding and orientation process

Our Role:

  • Outreach messaging and candidate contact

  • Initial candidate screening and candidate summaries

  • White glove candidate relationship management

  • Customized assessment rubric and individual interviewer guides

  • Interview coordination and scheduling

  • Post-interview check-ins and feedback reports

  • Ongoing candidate nurturing to release or close

  • Offer creation, negotiation, and closing

  • Facilitation of background screening, including federal, state and county criminal history, employment verification and 360 reference checks (up to 3)

  • Onboarding and orientation plan

  • Quarterly (4) check-ins with the chosen candidate throughout the year to assess and troubleshoot morale and engagement

Your Role:

  • Organize an active and engaged internal search committee

  • Share the position within your network

  • Refer potential candidates for follow up

  • Participate in interviews, provide thoughtful and comprehensive feedback

Fee: $25,000*

50% to start, 50% on completion through job advertising step

*Guarantee: No guarantee of candidate placement provided

Fee: $45,000* or 30% of total compensation

1/3 to start, 1/3 upon candidate presentation, balance upon offer acceptance

*Guarantee: Replacement search if the candidate leaves within 90 days of start date

Check out our Executive Search Case Studies to learn more

about our Executive Search methods and approach!

Get ready to save time, money and energy while we execute on your hiring needs!
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