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The Cause Capacity Mission

We partner with nonprofits and service-driven organizations to build people operations capacity and help them fulfill their mission.

Our Team Values

Integrity - We approach every task, conversation, and opportunity in an ethical, honest, and transparent way that is free from bias and holds us accountable for how we show up in the world.

Well-Being - We prioritize the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all people by being flexible and supportive in order to promote life-long happiness.

Excellence - We strive to do our best work, provide outstanding client service, and deliver work products that we are proud of. We approach both successes and setbacks with high standards, viable solutions, and the commitment to put our best foot forward.

Meaningful Work - We work together to serve and help others through kindness, dedication, and passion in order to make an impact and contribute to the betterment of the common good.

Relationships - We strive to develop and nurture strong and authentic relationships in all aspects of our lives; the relationships we choose to foster bring purpose and joy to all that we do.

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