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Executive Search Case Study:
Chief Program Officer


Our Approach:

To find the ideal candidate, our Cause Capacity team engaged in proactive sourcing and posted the vacancy on multiple career search sites specific to the nonprofit sector. After compiling applications and reviewing resumes, our team selected candidates to screen via phone.


Once the candidate pool was narrowed down, our team worked in cooperation with the MyPath team to conduct technical and cultural fit interviews. To ensure that the candidates possessed the necessary skills and demonstrated values in line with those of MyPath’s organization, our team assessed the following:

  • Orientation and understanding for how to use technology in the design and delivery of financial programs

  • Communication style and skills (both within the organization and externally with partners)

  • Experience building and scaling programs within the nonprofit space

  • Experience with policy and program design

  • Experience with partnerships, especially youth programs

  • Experience with business processes and managing those processes over multiple teams

  • Personal connection to the organization’s mission

  • Alignment with the organization’s vision and values


The MyPath interview panel members each received interview questions ahead of time to review and become familiar with. Following each candidate’s interview, the panel members evaluated their hiring ratings and made an independent recommendation regarding whether or not they felt the candidate should be selected based on their rating. Each panel member’s recommendation and documented thinking was then provided to our Cause Capacity HR team.


Our Cause Capacity team reviewed the various recommendations and compiled the results to present back to the MyPath hiring team. Following this procedure minimized the opportunity for bias and cross-panel influence in the team’s recommendations.


The Result:

After being provided with a report of their unbiased recommendations, the hiring team worked cooperatively to select the candidate they felt was best to move forward with. To the team’s surprise, their chosen candidate did not have extensive experience in the nonprofit sector but, instead, had adjacent experience in higher education. 


This recruiting opportunity was unique for our Cause Capacity team, as the process we guided the MyPath team through resulted in the selection of an unlikely candidate.

The Task:

In 2022, MyPath was seeking a Chief Program Officer. Their ideal candidate was an energetic leader with demonstrated experience building teams and program strategies that advance systems change and youth leadership, and someone with a passion for building models that enable BIPOC youth wealth-building.

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