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Lori Barnes
Business Assistant

Joining Cause Capacity in 2021, Lori works behind-the-scenes to assist with day-to-day operations. She has a Bachelor's degree (B.S.) in Special Education, as well as a Master’s degree (Ms.Ed) in Learning Design and Technology. Lori is also a licensed Realtor and works alongside her husband to run their family-owned real estate brokerage.


Prior to joining Cause Capacity, Lori spent over a decade working as a special education teacher. After the birth of her first child, she made the decision to step away from the traditional classroom and seek opportunities that allowed her to continue to use and expand her skillset, as well as remain home to raise her son. After teaching online for a couple of years and giving birth to her second son, Lori shifted careers and began working as a virtual assistant to multiple small, women-owned businesses. 


Lori believes in being a lifelong learner. She believes that it is important to step a little outside of your comfort zone in order to push yourself and take on challenges. So when the opportunity arose for Lori to join the Cause Capacity team, she jumped right in. While the world of Human Resources is quite different from K-12 education, Lori has applied her skills of organization, time-management, and multi-tasking to tackle the variety of tasks that fall within the scope of her position.


Lori is a lifelong resident of Michigan, residing in the Detroit Metro area. She has a wonderful husband who she has been married to since 2013, and they have two energetic and curious boys. She loves going on adventures with her kids and taking weekend trips to her family’s cottage in northern Michigan. In the spring and summer months, Lori also enjoys gardening. While sitting and watching T.V. isn’t a frequent occurrence, Lori loves to be able to unwind by indulging herself with shows about survival and living off the grid. She hopes to someday take her family on an Alaskan vacation.

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