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Our Favorite Summer Team Building Activities

Whether teams are remote or in person, summer is a great time to engage in team building activities. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and there are usually more opportunities to get outside and get involved in your community.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer team building activities that teams can engage in:

Random Acts of Kindness

Work together as a team to develop a list of different ways your team members can perform random acts of kindness. With simple ideas like holding the door for the person behind you to more formal ideas like paying for someone else’s coffee or lunch, there’s no shortage of ways your team members can demonstrate kindness.

Once your team develops their list, have each person choose one or two acts of kindness to perform. Then, gather everyone together again to report out on their acts and debrief as a group. What went well? How did performing the acts make team members feel? What ways did others show appreciation or return the kindness?

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to work together as a team and spend time outside. Develop a list of things each team can find in nature and send them outdoors for the day to look for the items. A stick shaped like the letter “Y”? A rock that looks like a heart? Teams can work together to find every item on the list.

Working remotely? Teams can still work together! Create group chats and have teams work together to collect pictures of the items on the list.

Book Exchange

Summer is a great time to get some reading done. Whether enjoying a nice evening outside or sitting on a beach with a good book, summer reading is a great way to spend time. Have each team member bring in their favorite book (or two!) to exchange. This is a great way for team members to learn more about each other through their book choices and share their favorite reads with each other.

Remote teams can engage in this activity, too! Team members can share their favorite book(s) in a Zoom meeting and tell team members why their choice is a great read. Team members could also be provided with prepaid shipping labels and a team member’s name and address, and they can pick out a book to send to a team member.

Office Field Day

A little bit of healthy competition is a great way for teams to improve their communication and sense of unity. Fun field day activities can provide teams with endless opportunities to work together to achieve a common goal.

Summer Recipe Exchange

Summer is a great time to exchange recipes, and food is a great way to share things like traditions and culture. Have a favorite summer salad? Do you have a family recipe for a knockout barbecue sauce? Do you come from a culture that has specific traditions around food? Maybe you have a great recipe that takes advantage of your favorite summer ingredients? Team members can choose their favorite summer recipe, make enough copies of it for each team member, and exchange them. In the end, each team member walks away with a collection of great recipes!

Take this team building activity to the next level and have each person prepare their favorite recipe and bring it in to share at a team picnic. Team members can try out the different foods while enjoying a meal together and still walk away with a collection of recipes.

Summer Food Drive

Partner with a local food bank or charitable organization to host a food drive! Teams can work together to organize and run the food drive. This is a great way for teams to work in cooperation while also giving back to the community.

Remote teams can do this activity, too! Each team member can find a local food bank or charity that is already running an event and volunteer to help. After each person contributes to their local charity drive, teams can come together over Zoom and share their experiences.

Volunteering Day

Volunteering is an excellent way for teams to work together while helping others. Teams can choose a volunteer experience to engage in together– from community clean up to volunteering at a local soup kitchen, there’s no shortage of ways that teams can choose to give back to the community.

Remote teams may not be able to all work together at the same volunteer activity, but each team member can choose an opportunity within their community to spend some time giving back. Teams can then come together remotely to discuss their experiences and bond over the shared experience of doing good within their communities.

Sand Sculpture Contest

The beach is a great place to visit during the summer, and building sand castles is an activity nearly everyone has enjoyed since childhood. Working together, teams can design and build their best sand creations. Prizes can be awarded for various categories such as largest creation, most creative, or best decorated castle.


Whether teams are in person or remote, each of the above team building activities is a great way for team members to learn and grow together.

Interested in organizing team building activities for your organization? We’re happy to help! Book a FREE Discovery Call today to learn more about how Cause Capacity can help your organization with summer team building activities.


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