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Team Building Activities for Returning to the Office

With the start of the new year, many organizations are working on getting employees back in the office– whether full time or part-time as part of a hybrid work model.

After spending time apart while working remotely, it’s a good idea to incorporate some team building activities into your workday.

While the possibilities are endless, some of our favorite activities are:

  • Spirit Week with Themed Dress Days - Employees could wear their favorite band t-shirt, wear their “work from home” outfits in the office, dress head-to-toe in one color, or even wear a costume.

  • Welcome Back Luncheon - Bring in lunch for everyone (or choose to treat one team at a time) and allow employees to share a meal and spend some time together.

  • “While We Were Out…” Photo Wall - Have each person bring in a picture (or two!) of something they did while working remotely. Pictures can be hung on a wall for everyone to look at so teams can share stories and experiences they had while out of the office.

  • Welcome Back Raffle - Each day your organization can raffle off a prize to one lucky winner or team, with the prizes being items that are useful now that you’re back to the office in person (gas card or pre-paid public transit, gift card to order lunch and have it delivered, a pass to leave 30 minutes early one day….use your imagination and think about the things your employees would most like to receive!)

  • Around the Office Scavenger Hunt - Teams can work together to complete a scavenger hunt throughout their workspace. This is a great way to re-acquaint your employees with their workspace and team!

  • End of the Week Hangout or Happy Hour - Bring in food and give teams some time at the end of the week to relax, have a snack, and spend some casual time together. Another option could be to take teams out to a favorite local restaurant.

Whatever activities you choose, investing time and effort into strengthening teams is a great way to help ensure that your return to the office is smooth for everyone.

If your organization needs some help with putting team building opportunities in place, we’ve got you. Reach out today and schedule a FREE Discovery Call to see how Cause Capacity can help you strengthen your teams.


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