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The Stay Interview Toolkit digital download is a great resource for incorporating retention strategies into your organization. This digital download includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to conducting stay interviews
  • The Dos and Don'ts of conducting stay interviews
  • Recommended opening and closing remarks, along with a list of possible questions to include in your stay interviews.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and answers
  • An editable stay interview worksheet to use when conducting stay interviews within your organization.


Product Reviews

"The Stay Interview process and tools provided by Cause Capacity helped us retain our team, had a positive impact on our team culture, and allowed us to plan ahead for staffing and training needs. The national shortage of school-based mental health therapists, combined with the pandemic and subsequent great resignation, prompted us to take proactive steps to retain our team as we entered the new school year. " - Marico S., CASSY Bay Area


"My favorite part of the toolkit would have to be the questions themselves. They are thought-provoking and open-ended enough that they lead to fruitful discussions and really open the door for authentic communication." - Leah R., SMJ Communications

Stay Interview Toolkit

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